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St. John's College kept a portion of the branches of the tree.  However, many of the oldest branches and slab sections from the trunk were hauled away to three different landfills, one in Maryland and two in Virginia.  Sadly, all of the wood that went to the landfill in Millersville, Maryland was ground up into mulch.  The wood that was recovered from the two sites in Virginia was obtained through the efforts and prayers of many people over a month's time.  The cost to purchase, recover, transport, and care of this ancient wood has been tremendous ranging in the thousands of dollars.

At this point we would like for people to be able to purchase pieces ranging from fist size to 300 pounds, in both sale and auction format.  A great portion of the proceeds from these sales will go toward Christian ministries.  

We would also like to get feedback, comments, and ideas on what to do with the largest sections, one up to 1800 pounds.  We have only a few branch sections, but mostly slab pieces from the oldest part of the tree, the trunk.  Some of these slabs are pieces from the outer core of this massive tree and are up to 20 inches thick.  This is viable, workable wood of various lengths and widths.  Each piece possessing it's own beauty and uniqueness.  From woodworking and sculpting, to museum displays and collectors, the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for your interest, we are encouraged by those who have contacted us with ideas.  There seems to be many who truly care about the destiny of our Nation's last Liberty Tree.

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